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Psychoeducational Evaluations and Tutoring  

Psychoeducational Evaluations

Parent and School Consultation




Learning Right

Learning Right is located in New Canaan Connecticut and provides services for students, parents, educators, and school systems. We specialize in school neuropsychological evaluations that provide comprehensive, individualized learning profiles used to guide educational and instructional decisions.

We offer consultation services for parents who need support navigating the educational process and can provide assistance for school systems in areas related to professional development and program evaluation.

Individualized tutorials and educational counseling are available

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Diagnostic Evaluations

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​A comprehensive evaluation includes assessment in areas pertaining to attention, memory, executive functioning, language, processing speed, visual –perceptual and sensorimotor skills and academics.  Information is gathered through formal observations, parent and teacher input, developmental and medical history, and data generated from standardized and non-standardized assessment tools. Drs. Boller and Wieland have advanced training in the administration and interpretation of test data. The assessment information is presented in a narrative format that outlines an individualized learning profile and links results with interventions.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Consultation, a Team Effort

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 In collaboration with the school, parent consultation may include a review of educational and medical records, assessment data, and Individualized Educational Plans (IEP). Consultation may also include a review of educational programming.  

Consultation services for school systems include program evaluation, professional development workshops and working with PPT members toward the development of effective programing for special education students.


Consultation will include review of student data (previous evaluations, educational plans, student needs) and recommendations for educational service plans.

A program evaluation is designed to provide information about effectiveness, fidelity of implementation, and goodness of fit within a school and/or district. Program evaluations begin with a needs assessment and include a plan of action.

Professional development workshops can be tailored to meet district needs. We have, for example, developed workshops that include topics such as advanced assessment techniques for school psychologists, using a processing model to identify LD, an overview of dyslexia and learning disabilities, and executive functioning and the impact on learning.



Coaching and Skill Instruction


We offer individualized tutorials designed to meet the needs of each student. We collect information from multiple sources (student, parents and teachers) and identify areas of strengths and needs. The length and duration of recommended sessions and an overview of personalized goals and objectives are clearly outlined and presented before a commitment is made. Our tutorials  include Executive Skills training, Wilson Reading and Fast ForWord 



Counseling goals are developed in conjunction with educational needs. Together with the students, we identify barriers to learning, refine coping skills and monitor progress 

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